NO Date clients PO/ CONTRACT. No. Subject
1 12/01/2010 Kangean Energy Indonesia 20090531/0990/CON/DS/OPS/IX VLP Compressor
2 09/04/2010 PT. Pertamina EP Region Sumatera 4500024056 Pengadaan 1 Unit Separator Field Jambi
3 12/02/2010 ICO PROCESS PO-ICO/2010/044 Rasin catcher (2 Vessels)
4 03/03/2010 PT. Pertamina EP Region Sumatera 3900036827 Design, Fabrication and Installation Catridge Filter Water Injection Line, Struktur Talang Jimar Field Prabumulih
5 03/05/2010 PT. Pertamina EP Region Jawa 4500025453 Pengadaan 2 Unit Separator Horizontal
6 07/05/2010 T.A.C Pertamina - BWP Meruap Pte. Ltd 010/BWPM/JKT/LL-BRG/FCL-ENG/2010 Fabrikasi Manifold di Blok Station-B di Lapangan Meruap, Sarolangun - Jambi
7 20/05/2010 Conoco Phillips Indonesia Inc.Ltd CS 15317682 Belida Hydrocyclone Replacement
8 07/09/2010 PT. Medco E&P Indonesia 3510002658 (ex BF-4397) Services Fabrication, Installation and Commissioning Pig Launcher and Pig Receiver for EOR Pilot Project
9 08/04/2010 ICO PROCCESS PO-ICO/2010/311 Housing Bucket Strainer 10"
10 08/05/2010 Citic Seram Energy Limited -677 FEC-10 HP Well Test Separator Package
11 10/08/2010 PT. Hayaka Artha Mulia (PT. Chevron Pacific Indonesia) 0124/HAM-PTG/PO/VIII/2010 Supply of Pig Launcher and Pig Receiver
12 23/08/2010 PT. Paradise Perkasa (PT. Chevron Geothermal Salak) PR6374254 Separator Wellhead Vertical, type Centrifugal
13 19/10/2010 PT. Fajar Mas Murni 71-23707-00/00668 1 Unit Skid
14 26/10/2010 PT. Fajar Rawayan Utama (CONOCO PHILLIPS GRESIK) 71/001/00/FRU Supply of Pig Launcher and Pig Receiver for Suban 12
15 27/10/2010 PT. Medco E&P Indonesia 4410027482 Air Cooled Exchanger
16 02/11/2010 PT. Chevron Pacific Indonesia TG901440 Pengadaan : Vessel Type Vertical and Horizontal
17 16/12/2010 PT. Java Energy Semesta 001.CNG/JES/XII/2010 EPC Contractor for CNG Station at Gresik
18 16/12/2010 PT. Medco Simenggaris (NATCO) PA11-1-03-PO-1 TEG Dehydration Package
19 17/12/2010 Vico Indonesia 47840 Supply and Retrofit of Badak Compressor Control Panel (CCP)
20 20/12/2010 PT. Petrogas Jatim Utama (PT. Pertamina EP Region Sumatera) LOI-002/PJU-PENG/JO04-10/XII/2010 Fabrication and Installation tools for Project Upgrading / Modification Facilities Injection Air Pilot Waterflood - Lapangan Rantau - Region Sumatera